Brook Farm Children's Nursery provides full time and sessional day care for babies and children from 0 - 4 years.
The Nursery is part of a farm diversification project and has been open since July 2009.
The owners are Mrs E Wilson & Mr Richard J Wilson (Partnership), who lives on the farm, and is always on hand to support the staff, parents and children in a home from home environment.

The Nursery is open from 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday and is closed on bank holidays.

All of the staff employed at the Nursery have been selected for their genuine desire to work with children and are either qualified or in training.
The owners believe that quality child care can only be provided by staff who feel empowered to contribute to the day to day running of the Nursery as part of a team.

Click here for latest OFSTED report dated January 2019.

Click here for Nursery public response to OFSTED report dated January 2019.

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We are like no other nursery, we are unique!
We are based on a farm with some great outdoor space.
Our favourite things include splashing in muddy puddles and feeding the pigs.


The Nursery has a calendar of events that are aimed at encouraging children to dress up and contribute to celebrations throughout the year.
The Nursery puts great emphasis on its relationships with parents.
The Nursery produces regular newsletters to inform parents of forthcoming events and developments.