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Our Childcare

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Brook Farm Children's Nursery provides full time and sessional day care for babies and children from 0-4 years.

Early start (7.30 – 8am) £6.50 £6.50
* Late collection fee (Charge per 15 mins) £6.50 £6.50
Late payment charge £20.00 £20.00

For pre-school sessions please contact the office on 01282 841221.
Where children attend Free Early Education sessions, an additional charge will be payable for main meals i.e. Lunch / Tea provided during the “free” sessions covered by the funding. The first invoice at the start of each term will include meal costs for the full term e.g. 14 weeks in the Autumn Term. If you’d prefer to provide a packed lunch for your child, no charges will be payable.

Fees are reviewed annually.

Fees are due for payment in advance i.e. by the last calendar day of the preceding month.

The nursery reserves the right to make a late payment charge of £20, if fees are not received by their due date. Weekly payments can be made, please contact the Nursery Manager about this. We accept bank transfers, cheques or cash. You can also pay with childcare vouchers.

* The nursery closes at 6pm and any parent/carer collecting after this time will be charged our late collection fee. The nursery gives each child two weeks holiday per year (January-December), one week includes the Christmas closure and one consecutive week of your choosing. Please give adequate notice for this - usually four weeks.

Four weeks notice is required when your child leaves nursery, or four weeks fees are payable. A 10% discount will be given to the older sibling when 2 or more siblings attend our setting. Where Free Early Education sessions apply, sibling discount is based on the excess fees after deduction of the monthly grant.

FEYE Funding: Free Early Years Education
Currently all 3 & 4 year olds are eligible from the term following their 3rd birthday, to receive up to 15 hours Free Early Years Education (FEYE) each week, over 51 weeks. We do not offer term time.

Child’s Birthday
1st January – 31st March
1st April – 31st August
1st September – 31st December

When Funding is applied
1st January – 31st March onwards (Summer Term)
1st April – 31st August onwards (Autumn Term)
1st September – 31st December onwards (Spring Term)

* please contact the nursery manager if you consider your child is eligible to receive 2 year old funding.

Where children attend the nursery all year round, parents have the option for their funded session entitlement to be spread over a 12 month period (September – August). Where your child attends additional sessions over and above the free funded sessions, these will be charged monthly as per our normal pricing policy.
As stated above during funded sessions only, the following meal charges (currently £3 per meal) will apply:

9 am. to 5 pm:- a charge for Lunch & Tea applies
9 am. to 1 pm:- a charge for Lunch applies
1 pm. to 5 pm:- a charge for Tea applies

Claim Forms
So the nursery can claim free hours on your behalf, all parents and carers are required to complete a Parental Agreement form and return it with your child’s original birth certificate for us to copy. This should be returned to the nursery in advance of the term ahead. Parents must ensure their child’s details are correct and supply accurate information about any other childcare settings they may attend n.b. a new form will require completing at the start of each new term.

Nursery Invoices
In relation to your invoices at Nursery, we allocate free hours equally across our monthly invoices.